Technology Stories

Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide on How to Upload Open-Source Java Library to Maven Central

Maven Central to the World, deploy your open-source Java library for other people to use in their projects as a dependency

How to View Remote CodeIgniter Log Files in the Browser and Postman

Being able to read log files on a production server can boost the quality of your emergency readiness and response. Read on to learn how.

Process Large Data from Excel File with a Breeze

Why upload the file, when all you need is the data in it? Cleaner, faster avoid connection timeouts, corrupted data just by adding excel_uploader js

Formstack API Tutorial: Working with fstackapi_php library

Interacting with the Formstack API v2 just got better with this new fstackapi_php library. We'll use it to submit form dynamically and more

How to Create a Database Seeder in Spring Boot

Ever wish there is a way you insert default data into the database during application startup in a SpringBoot environment? Read on!

Moving from Laragon 2 to Laragon 3.0: My Telltale

This is a recap of how I moved from Laragon 2 to v3, my mistakes and how you can avoid them. Plus undocumented changes I discovered

How to Backup MySQL Database Programmatically using mysql-backup4j

Export your MySQL database to a zip file, send the generated SQL dump to your email, Amazon S3, Google Drive etc. Plus automate the process #DevOps

What do I need to be a Web Developer?

Here is a curation of the different technologies that power the web and the ones you should learn to make a living as a web developer

How to Build A Desktop Application with Java

We'll build a complete desktop application that'll translate English text to Morse Code and vice-versa plus an overview of Java GUI