Technology Stories

How to Validate JSON Request Body in Spring Boot

We will be looking at the request-validator library, which is able to compare the user input against a pre-defined set of rules like required,max,min

Process Large Data from Excel File with a Breeze

Why upload the file, when all you need is the data in it? Cleaner, faster avoid connection timeouts, corrupted data just by adding excel_uploader js

How to Backup MySQL Database Programmatically using mysql-backup4j

Export your MySQL database to a zip file, send the generated SQL dump to your email, Amazon S3, Google Drive etc. Plus automate the process #DevOps

Spring Boot Exception Handling

In this article, we are going to look at how to configure Spring boot to handle exceptions and customise the error responses

Security Architecture: Completely Securing Mobile Application APIs

This is a comprehensive architectural guide on how to secure important APIs of your application including the signup, reset password and retry OTP API

Auto Deploy Spring Boot App using Gitlab CI/CD

Create a Spring Boot application, set up your server and configure Gitlab to build your app, run tests and deploy automatically to your server

How to Setup Bootstrap for Local and Offline use

In this tutorial, we are going to look at how to download bootstrap and jquery locally and use them to in our project even when we don't have internet

Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide on How to Upload Open-Source Java Library to Maven Central

Maven Central to the World, deploy your open-source Java library for other people to use in their projects as a dependency

How to Build A Desktop Application with Java

We'll build a complete desktop application that'll translate English text to Morse Code and vice-versa plus an overview of Java GUI

How to View Remote CodeIgniter Log Files in the Browser and Postman

Being able to read log files on a production server can boost the quality of your emergency readiness and response. Read on to learn how.