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One Year at Cellulant

This is a tell-tale of my 1 year tenure at Cellulant. I solve challenges like too many meetings, knowledge democratisation, revamping of the SDLC, pull request reviews, onboarding process and more.


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Ideas With No Coins

Sometimes the coins make all the difference - between those who took-off and those who crash on the runway of entrepreneurship. The hustler’s poem


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Spring Boot API Key Authentication

This article shows how to create a Spring Boot app that requires API key for an endpoint using Spring Security. We also demonstrate how to combine this with other authentication mechanisms in the same codebase.

Introduction to MVC in Web Development

This article explains the MVC design pattern in a simple and easy to understand manner. We explored the Model, View and Controller component separately with a diagram to show the flow of a typical HTTP request in a MVC web application

Seun Matt

Has over 7 years of experience in Software Engineering and management with a solid understanding of Java technologies, programming principles and project management.